Why the Chicken Crossed the Road…

One man’s problem is another’s opportunity. At our core, we are the solution to some problem. I have worked in frenetic environments with impossible deadlines. The only way to power through this type of environment is to treat each obstacle as an opportunity to succeed.

In less intense situations it may be hard to focus not on the genesis of the problem but on the solution. Unfortunately, all too often this sniper behavior is rewarded and projects stall. When everyone has there head low to keep from being targeted, no one can see the way out. Thus large consulting/contracting fees will follow.

Spending more than a few moments on how you got into a trash compactor on an Empire ship won’t get you out of said compactor. Value failed attempts and the solutions they eventually bring and your work will be ten times easier. Empower the snipers and be prepared for a big budget for outsiders to mop up the mess.



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